Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Once more with feeling.

Ah, The Fall. Definitely top ten. Hex Enduction Hour, I've got on vinyl. I prefer The Unutterable though.

Is there such a thing as Pancake Day or Shrove tuesday in America? I'm just curious. It's a big thing here in England, and it happens to be today.

Such a lush day.Got my chequebook, played the Fender Mustang again, got three job interviews, all's fine and dandy, again. Bought a necessary lightbulb, fixed my broken iPod. Ahhhhh.


Monday, 7 March 2011


Booked tickets home, learnt some new songs on the guitar... Still can't play an F too well, dreaming of owning a Fender Mustang... Stuff's good. It's a sunny day, which makes all the difference, too.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

With half a heart I post this.

How's life at present? pretty good. I've got a ticket to the Hop Farm festival, with Morrissey, Patti Smith, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, and it was only seventy pounds, which for one day of seeing four of my favouritew artists is a steal. I'd pay that to see Morrissey alone. Other gigs lined up? The Kills, Belle and Sebastian, both for the second time, and Crystal Stilts.Very exciting for me. I've also been learning guitar, and I've come on pretty quickly if I don;'t say so myself. I can play The Headmaster Ritual after just a week. Is that good? I'm not even sure. Everything in my life is pretty good, except the massive lack of money and lack of a job or university until next September. Why do I feel like I can be really frank on this blog now? I kind of like it. It's quite cathartic, exposition.

To conclude- Here's another picture of Chinatown that I took. I love neon lights and that kind of olde-worlde nostalgic look.
How for now.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Over one-hundred followers? Well, I'm flattered!

New format. How about a photograph and what I'm listening to, eh? Or why not listen to the song while reading the following text or admiring the photograph?

So- Here's what I'm listening to:

They're a band from Manchester, formed by Howard Devoto of 'Buzzcocks' fame, straight after the frankly seminal 'Spiral Scratch EP'. If you don't like this then I don't know what you possibly COULD like. But then again everyone's interests are their own and as such the best in the world, no? Totally egocentric, we are, as humans.

And for those of you that, perhaps, genuinely like my pictures, well, here, have one to industriously pore over!

This is a Berlin train station. We went in the winter, and we were ill for two of the three days that we were there, violently ill.But on the one day that I and my girlfriend were fine, we took some nice photos. I didn't like Berlin though. It still, to me, seems to be suffering a post war austerity, and the majority of the nice things there were blown up in world war two. There's not too much to see of great beauty. It's mostly horrible late twetieth century architecture. The people there are often rude, too, and that's saying something from someone half British half French. Maybe it's just their way of life. maybe I'm overcritical. I'm not fussed either way.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Back! So much for 'away'.

Now this is really Home. Newcastle's where I've lived since birth, despite being in manchetser for university. This is probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken; it's a triple exposed picture of the Tyne Bridge, the National Heritage plaque commemorating where The Blaydon Races was written and first performed, and a signpost directing you to some of Newcastle's finest sites. I just did it all blind, but it just happened that it was exposed with the Tyne Bridge and the plaque in the negative space on the left and right of the picture. Such a stroke of luck, and so dear to my heart. I love Newcastle so much.